Bude Storm Proof Wooden Window Iroko

Bude Storm Proof Wooden Window Iroko
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Storm Proof casement Iroko window (also available in European Oak and Joinery Redwood)


This high performance storm proof casement window is only one of hundreds of styles now available please view on our website for more designs, sizes & styles i.e.

Box sash windows

High performance Flush windows


And a full range of External doors

We understand not all window apertures are standard and as our windows are all handmade to order we can accommodate any size. For more information feel free to call us on 01208 367162 or email sales@penknightcarpentry.co.uk


Q. What am I buying in this listing?

A. You are buying 1 high performance flush casement window as per the design of the listing you are on (please see picture), ensure you are on the correct product before ordering. We also email confirm of order before production so no need to panic if a mistake has been made.

Width & Height SELECT THE CORRECT TAB mm if you cant find the size you are looking for feel free to call us on 01208 367162 or Email sales@penknightcarpentry.co.uk

Please note: Sizes quoted on tabs are actual frame sizes - brickwork opening will need to be slightly larger to allow for fitting.

Cill Select correct tab depth mm Over all front to back 144mm is a 56mm Cill projection

Frame Jambs and heads 88mmx57mm Cill 88mmx69mm

Glazing bars 57mm x 57mm where applicable Smaller profiles availiable upon request(we do not offer plant on bars as they are just not a long-term joinery product).

All glazing bars are set proportionately to the size of the window selected,  different sized windows will have different sized glazed areas.

Transoms and mullion where applicable 88 mm x 69mm (69mm is the face finish).

Molding details of all flush windows is Ovolo 12-degree frame.

9 degree splay on frame.

Sash Glazing rebate 18mm x 40mm. Sash Sections 57mm x 69mm

Beading 15mm x 18mm with a 9 degree run of and a shadow groove.

Glazed (select option) 24mm low E thermally efficient double glazed units

Compliant to current building regulations (subject to being installed and glazed correctly).

Many other patterns and styles are available on request please contact us for prices.

Trickle vents please select on tab These can be fitted in frame or sash.

Fully draft sealed with the state of the art 100% rubber Deventer seals.  Please use tab to select colour.

Where an opening casement is applicable they are fitted with the latest, egress easy clean friction hinges for 90 degree opening making cleaning from this inside of your window very easy.

Espagnolette rods, Espagnolette handles, and Espagnolette strikers/keeps.

The finishes we offer are fully painted in a range of colours, primed, or stained in a range of colours or just select untreated please select the correct tab when ordering.

All of our windows are made by hand by our in-house joiners at our workshop in the UK.

Web customer services 01208 367162 or email sales@penknightcarpentry.co.uk

Please feel free to come and see us where one of our team will happily design and quote any bespoke sizes (by prior appointment only)


Why buy your new windows from Penknight Carpentry

Q How do you compare us to a 'local joiner'?


Your local joiner should be able to make you a reasonable quality casement timber window, although many smaller artisan companies will be unable to replicate the design and technical innovations that a company like Penknight Carpentry can.  More significantly, many joinery companies will not factory finish (i.e. paint) the frames for you, or even glaze them, so the whole process of replacing or refurbishing your windows becomes a major task requiring multi trade co-ordination including a joiner to make the windows; a carpenter to fit them; a painter to decorate them and a glazier to glaze them. We have our own manufacturing facility right here in the UK. This is especially true when it comes to the skilled requirements associated with sash windows. Here at Penknight Carpentry from advice, to survey, to manufacture, to installation of fully glazed, factory-finished windows, our family run business can do it all.

Q How often will my wood windows need repainting?


Like all natural materials, wood needs looking after. But our wide range of marketing leading colours and wood stains offer long life expectancy and guarantees. Our extensive range of premium finishes enable maintenance periods to be extended, superb colour retention and redecoration requiring only one coat application. Broadly speaking our coatings last up to 6 years without the need for re-decoration. The precise cycle will depend on environmental factors such as the geographic location of your property and the particular aspect and amount of exposure to the elements.

Q Will you paint my new wood windows?


Yes Our high performance, timber windows are available factory finished (please ensure you select the tab you require) and are available in an extensive range of premium finishes including a market leading wide range of colours and wood stains that enable maintenance periods to be extended. The extremely tough and durable coating characteristics mean we can offer a 10 year guarantee against rot and fungal decay on the coatings and preservatives, 6 years on the coloured and 4 years on the stained.

Q What is 'next generation' double glazing?


The biggest move in thermal efficiency used to be replacing single glazed units with double glazed ones, but now as we all try to preserve energy and save money on bills; product development has been undertaken by our industry that means not all double glazing is the same. We supply for you to install as standard what is known as 'next generation' double glazing consisting low E thermally efficient double glazed units manufactured to EN1279 (part 2) incorporating Super Spacer warm edge technology resulting in windows that are up to 65% warmer at the edge, offer 70% reduced condensation and up to 2Db noise reduction. We also install argon gas filled units that satisfy the demanding EN1279 Part 3.

Q Are timber windows good for the environment?


Timber is one of the most sustainable building materials, and according to Greenpeace:“As long as timber is sourced from properly managed forests...timber windows are by far the best environmental choice" (Greenpeace Briefing: Installing New Windows 1997). Here at Penknight Carpentry we only use timber from sustainable sources. The Iroko timber used in the production of our windows is harvested from managed forests .

Q My wooden windows need replacing, but the house is a 'listed building' - what can I do?


Get in touch with us. During our years in business, we have gained extensive experience of working in listed buildings and within conservation areas. We can assist you in co-operating closely with many of the conservation officers and local authorities and are happy to advise on individual cases.

Q What is the normal delivery period?


Due to demand our lead times can fluctuate but we will provide you with current estimates in the written quotation we provide.

Normally 4-8 weeks.

Q What kind of disturbance can I expect during installation if Penknight Carpentry install?

At Penknight Carpentry we take great pride in our work, we carry out all work internally and depending on the scale of the works, inevitably there may be some disruption due to noise or dust. However, in advance of our arrival, we ask that you move or cover soft furnishings to minimise this disruption. At the end of each day, your windows will either be completed or left totally secure.

Installation price upon request.  Feel free to call us on 01208 367162 or email sales@penknightcarpentry.co.uk

Q Why Choose Timber Windows and Doors


Timber - the most sustainable of building materials

The Iroko timber used in the production of our windows is harvested from managed forests where the growing period is measured in decades. 

New to 2018 Iroko is now in full production.

A tree grows by absorbing carbon from CO2 in the atmosphere, transforming it into the cellular structure of timber. Every cubic metre of timber contains 0.8 tonnes of absorbed CO2. From growth, to harvesting, processing and conversion to finished products, timber is a net absorber of CO2.


Timber - for long-term value

Maintenance and repair of timber windows and doors is both cost-effective and easy. Modern timber treatments ensure that products are guaranteed against rot for 12-25 years whilst good paint systems will need no attention other than cleaning for 8 years. Repainted timber windows look as good as new and lift the appearance of any property.

If damage occurs to a timber window or door it can be easily repaired leaving no sign of the repair. It is not surprising therefore that timber is increasingly seen as the material of choice for long-term value.

We are running state of the art design software and can prove full drawing and quotes with in 24hours should you need them fast!

We also supply you as the customer or end user with full U Value certificates on all our glazed products. Upon order you as the buyer must supply us with full name address and contact number

We understand not all window apertures are standard and as our windows are all handmade to order we can accommodate any size. For more information feel free to call us on 01208 367162 or email sales@penknightcarpentry.co.uk

Thanks for viewing our online shop and I hope we can be of assistance in the future.


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